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About us

Roslesinforg is an all-Russian organization specializing in the comprehensive solution of forest accounting and forest management tasks in the interests of the state. The institution provides a full cycle of services to forestry enterprises, which will help to maximize the efficient and balanced use of Russia's forest resources.

In our activities, we are guided by the "3P" principle: we will provide (information), prepare (documents) and carry out (work) for you.

The main range of services provided:

We will carry out comprehensive forest management work for the state and business, as well as related services in every region of Russia
We will prepare the documents required for timber turnover
We will carry out cadastral, land management, topographic and geodetic works
We will collect, analyze and provide information about forestry
We will answer questions about the operation of the LesEGAIS system and warn against fines

Since 2008, we have been conducting a strategic type of forest accounting work - the state forest inventory (GIL). We have at our disposal a unique database on the stock, quality and quantity of wood.

Roslesinforg is the operator of the Federal State Information System of the Forestry Complex (FSIS LC).

Since 2022 Roslesinforg is a federal forest inventory manager.

And also

Roslesinforg within the framework of the state assignment:

Maintains the state forest register

Collects and processes government and industry statistical reports

Sets the boundaries of forestry

We know how the forest works and our experts are ready to tell you about it.

IT Competence Center

Roslesinforg experts create and modernize information systems for various purposes, accompany them, ensure the functioning and use of information resources contained in them.
Roslesinforg is undergoing transformation into one of the leading IT systems service providers in the forestry sector. Work is underway to launch the FSIS of the forestry complex for the state, business and citizens.
Forestry market expert
An Analytical Center is being created on the basis of Roslesinforg, which will provide analytical and statistical research to the state and business, talk about trends and give an expert assessment of the state of the forest market. The plans are to create client services based on digital technologies for forest users.


Today, digitalization of companies' activities is the norm and a new reality. The mission before us - consolidating forest health reporting - has become cramped for us. Now, we are heading for the creation of a range of services and customer services based on digital technologies.

The Federal State Information System of the Forestry Complex (FSIS LK) is the foundation of a large forest house. With its help, the state will be able to rationally plan the harvesting and consumption of forest resources, effectively manage and control them. Business will receive clear and transparent rules for working in the industry, and citizens will receive accessible information about the forest. The openness of the forestry complex data will help attract investment in the industry.

Already now, Roslesinforg helps entrepreneurs solve a whole range of tasks: from leasing a turnkey forest plot to creating a set of documents necessary for the implementation of investment projects in the field of forest development. This is a difficult job that requires a lot of concentration and patience.

We do not close our eyes to problems, but confront irresponsibility and incompetence, which, unfortunately, are still present now in Russian forestry. We do not expect that someone will begin to solve complex forest problems for us. We act ourselves, realizing our duty to nature, state and society

Pavel Chashchin
Director of Roslesinforg
State inventory of forests
State inventory of forests

История Рослесинфорга

The Great Sovereign ordered in all cities and districts, in palace and patriarchal, and in bishops, and in monasteries, and all ranks in landlord and votchinnikov lands to inspect and describe forests ...

Roslesinforg is the successor of the Russian and Soviet forest management since its inception in the 17th century by the orders of Peter I.
The history of Roslesinforg began on May 23, 1937, when the All-Union Forest Inventory Office (Lesproekt) was created.
By 1957, Lesproekt made known all the forests of the USSR.

In the late 70s, with the advent of the first computers, the forestry industry needed to comprehensively automate the collection, processing, and analysis of all forest reporting. That is why, in 1980, by order of the Minister of Forestry of the RSFSR A.I. Zverev, the Main Information and Computing Center of the Ministry of Forestry of the RSFSR was created. In 2001, it was renamed Roslesinforg.

On April 26, 2007, all forest management enterprises of the country with their expeditions became part of Roslesinforg.
Roslesinforg today is a vertically integrated structure with a central office in Moscow and 37 branches throughout Russia.

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