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Roslesinforg conducts activities to study the state of land, planning and organization of the rational use of land and its protection; to describe the location and to establish the boundaries of land management objects on the terrain/ ground; to organize the rational use of land sites by citizens and legal entities for agricultural production.
Services for the implementation of cadastral work, as well as for entering information into the USRN
Services for describing the location of borders, as well as entering information about them in the State Forest Register and the Unified State Register of Property Rights.
Determine the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of forest stands and the volume of wood to be harvested
Specialists at Roslesinforg will help you prepare the relevant documents and will fully accompany the customer during the transfer.
Select areas for reforestation or afforestation, conduct field surveys of the sites, select the appropriate recovery technology.
Formulate the content, scope and schedule of land reclamation works

State inventory of forests

State inventory of forests

About us


Roslesinforg is an all-Russian organization specializing in the comprehensive solution of forest accounting and forest management tasks in the interests of the state. The institution provides a full cycle of services to forestry enterprises, which will help to maximize the efficient and balanced use of Russia's forest resources.

In our activities, we are guided by the "3P" principle: we will provide (information), prepare (documents) and carry out (work) for you.


We will carry out comprehensive forest management work for the state and business, as well as related services in every region of Russia.

We will prepare the documents required for timber turnover.

We will carry out cadastral, land management, topographic and geodetic works.

We will collect, analyze and provide information on forestry.

We will answer questions about the operation of the LesEGAIS system and warn against fines.


Roslesinforg experts create and modernize information systems for various purposes, accompany them, ensure the functioning and use of information resources contained in them.


Since 2008, we have been carrying out a strategic type of forest accounting work - the state forest inventory (GIL). We have at our disposal a unique database on the stock, quality and quantity of wood.

Roslesinforg is the operator of the newly created Federal State Information System of the Forestry Complex (FSIS LK).

Since 2023 Roslesinforg is a federal forest inventory manager.

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